When to Schedule Car Brake Replacement

As they rack up miles on their odometer commuting to San Francisco, many drivers wonder, “how long do car brakes last?” The average car brake life ranges from 25,000 to 65,000 miles. But, like with most maintenance on your vehicle, knowing when you should consider car brake replacement depends on your driving habits. You may also wonder, can you fix car brakes yourself or is that a job better left to service experts? Learn more about car brake life with the service team at East Bay MINI Authorized Service Center. Then, check out our service specials for your next service appointment.

How Long Do Car Brakes Last?

How come some drivers will only see 25,000 miles from their brakes, while others can make it to 65,000, you may be wondering? Your car brake life depends greatly on your driving habits and typical driving conditions in Livermore. Car brake replacement will be affected by these elements:

  • Driving habits: Coasting to a stop by pressing softly on your brakes as opposed to braking hardwill lengthen your car brake life.
  • Environment: Opting for open highway driving over city driving will require less braking, giving you a longer brake life.
  • Brake Material: Carbon-ceramic brakes make your car brake life longer than standard metal brakes, but they are usually more expensive. However, if this means more time in between car brake replacement, the extra expense pays for itself. If it’s time for new brakes, order new brake pads online with our parts department. Our team will help find the right brake pads for your Bay Area commutes.

Can You Fix Car Brakes Yourself?

When it’s time for car brake replacement, is it possible for car owners in Oakland to fix car brakes on their own? Changing your brake pads on your own can be an achievable goal for seasoned DIYers, after you consult your owner’s manual. A very basic overview of the steps to fix car brakes are below, just to give you an idea of what you’ll be taking on:

  1. Loosen lug nuts and position the car with your tire iron and car jack
  2. Remove lug nuts, caliper bolts, and tires
  3. Remove the old brake pads
  4. Install the new brake pads
  5. Readjust the caliper assembly to fit the new brake pads
  6. Re-install the tires and lug nuts, and lower the car

If you’ve never done much more than check the oil level of your car by yourself, it would be best to leave car brake replacement to a professional. After all, properly functioning brakes are vital for your safety on San Francisco roads, so it’s best not to take any chances for the sake of saving money.

Schedule a Service Appointment at East Bay MINI Authorized Service Center

If it’s time for car brake replacement for your vehicle, schedule a service appointment with our service team at East Bay MINI Authorized Service Center. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. To learn more about car maintenance and keep your car in optimal conditions, read up on some additional service tips straight from our team of experts!

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