What Does Brakes Grinding Mean?

When you’re making your way around the Bay Area, the last thing you want to hear is your brakes grinding. It happens, though, so if you’re asking yourself “Why are my brakes grinding?”, East Bay MINI Authorized Service Center can help. Brakes making a grinding noise could indicate several different issues, which we’ll help you distinguish in the guide below. Keep reading to get expert advice from our very own service pros!

What Does it Mean if the Brakes Are Grinding When Stopping?

In order to determine why your brakes are grinding while you’re out and about in San Francisco or Oakland, it helps to distinguish when you hear the brakes grinding. For example, brakes grinding when stopping may be indicative of one of the following issues:

  • If you hear the brakes grinding when you’re slowing down or stopping, it’s likely the brake pads that need fixing. Over time, brake pads grow thinner and thinner, which eventually causes a high-pitched squealing that many Livermore commuters are familiar with. As the pads grow even thinner, the squealing turns into a grinding noise. It’s vital to replace the brake pads at this point.
  • Does the grinding noise have a sharper tinge to it? If so, you could be dealing with a brake disc and caliper problem. Often, this is accompanied by a telltale rumble in the brake pedal. To remedy this, you’ll likely need brake pad replacement as well as disc or rotor replacement.
  • If you only hear the brakes grinding when you issue a full force stop, it’s probably the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). The ABS activates when full brake force is applied to prevent the vehicle from skidding out. Here, you may also feel a vibration in the brake pedal.

Why Are My Brakes Grinding When Driving?

It might not sound possible, but some drivers will hear their brakes making a grinding noise when they’re driving. Why would the brakes be grinding when you’re not even using them? Typically, this is caused by dirt and debris that have entered the brake components and are bouncing off of the caliper and rotor. This can be resolved quickly at your service center of choice, but you shouldn’t wait too long because the debris can damage your brake components over time.

Get Trusted Brake Service in the Bay Area!

Searching for brake service you can trust in Pleasanton? East Bay MINI Authorized Service Center has you covered! Schedule a service visit with us and we will inspect and repair your brakes so you no longer have to endure the grinding or squealing noises. With any additional questions about brake service, contact our service advisors and they’ll be happy to help!

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