Are you visualizing yourself in a brand-new MINI--but your bank account disagrees?

While MINI cars are some of the most affordable premium vehicles in Pleasanton, you may still feel

But, what if you could pay way less per month than buying, by creating your own MINI lease from the ground up with the help of local financing experts?


MINI Traditional Lease

This is the classic lease--about 12,000 miles per year allowed for about 36 months. While this lease does offer some flexibility, it's built to be as easy and affordable as possible for the average California driver. If you'd classify your Bay Area driving style and commute as "typical", this will probably be right for you.

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MINI's Motoring Lease

If you're not-so-typical, though, you need a not-so-typical lease. MINI's "Motoring Lease" is as unique, surprising, and versatile as its cars.

MINI Financial Services (MFS) claims that their Motoring Lease can accommodate mileage expectations from as low as 5,000 miles to as high as 500,000 miles--you specify the right mileage terms for you and your lifestyle, and we'll build a plan around it. This is the most flexible car leasing program in California, and you can take full advantage of it.


Mileage Adjustment Program: Give Yourself Room to Roam

Life changes--and even the best planners might find themselves running out of miles a few years into their lease, with a few more months to go.

MFS will let you buy more miles for your lease--up to 100,000 in total--and you can buy them at any point up until the day you return in. So, you'll never have to worry about getting slapped with excessive mileage rates at lease-end.


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