Choosing East Bay MINI for Your Oil Changes

MINI models are designed to provide an entertaining performance, but that performance can only be possible if drivers follow their routine maintenance schedule. Our team makes it easy to follow routine maintenance with the Unlimited MINI Oil Change Program. This program is eligible for MINI models that are no longer covered by MINI Maintenance+ Coverage, having reached 60 months or 60,000 miles.

Learn the benefits of scheduling routine oil changes in Pleasanton and learn more about the MINI Maintenance Oil Services program.

Why Oil Changes are Important

Oil is required to keep your MINI model running smoothly. Engine oil lubricates the major components of your engine and keeps your vehicle from overheating. The oil filter collects particulates that the oil accumulates from the engine, ensuring your oil can continue to perform its best. Filter and oil replacements keep the oil from thickening and damaging your engine.

MINI models are agile and entertaining, but oil changes are required to continue to enjoy driving through the Bay Area.

A Quick and Easy Way to Schedule your MINI Oil Change in Pleasanton

Our website has a short and secure form that lets you find a service appointment at the most convenient time. We will work with your busy schedule to ensure you don't need to postpone any service appointment for your vehicle. Reach out to our team to learn about your maintenance calendar and how to know you need an oil change. We're happy to provide any details that extend the life of your MINI and provide the best performance whenever you get into the driver's seat.

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