Last year, a conceptual, souped-up MINI Cooper JCW debuted with a shocking exterior design.

Gone were the fun and quirky Brit-inspired MINI dimples and lines: here came massive spoilers, a spartan-equipped interior, fierce red accents, aggressive wheels, fender flares, big brakes, and an integrated roll cage.

Now, that was just the concept car--and we're all familiar with how tame production cars can look in comparison. But, we'll know more when an all-new MINI John Cooper Works GP Hardtop arrives sometime in 2020.


What is the John Cooper Works GP?

The MINI John Cooper Works GP (Gran Prix) style isn't necessarily new; we saw GP trims in 2006 and 2012, but they didn't bring a lot to the table for the daily drivers (though they were plenty of fun to throw around) and there were only a few hundred of each produced.

We're hoping to get more out of the upcoming 2020 MINI John Cooper Works GP Hardtop.

The new concept is a "widebody racer", detailed with over-the-top styling that's straight off of the dream board. It's the sportiest part of MINI's soul, out in the world in physical form.

The John Cooper Works GP is guaranteed to be one of the most powerful and agile sport-tuned models in the lineup--and, hopefully, it'll be more widely available than other GP models in the past.

Can You Pre-Order the New John Cooper Works GP Car?

That's about all of the information that we have on the 2020 MINI John Cooper Works GP Hardtop, but we're anxiously awaiting more news as it comes out. Pre-ordering is not currently available, but we'll update MINI fans in Pleasanton as soon as it is.

Check back with our blog soon for more details.


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