All cars were made to drive.

But MINI cars, more than any other small car in Pleasanton, were truly made to be driven.

That's why we relate so closely to MINI's new tagline: Explore More Corners. It's the encouragement--almost the demand--to drive to more new places, find new towns to visit, and to get the absolute most out of your MINI 2-Door or 4-Door.

Pleasanton, CA and the surrounding Alameda County areas are a gorgeous place to live by MINI's "Explore More Corners" advice. From Kilkare Woods, to Vineyard Ave by 84, up to Westport Village, and over to Dublin heading West to the Castro Valley area, there's a lot more to our city than first meets the eye.

The small size, quick performance, and agile handling of every new 2019 MINI car and SAV makes it easy to get out of your commuting comfort zone and find new ways to get around--and to get out of town.

Just remember to give your MINI hatch a good scrub-down after every big adventure.

Clearing away dust, sand, salt (if you've been cruising by the coastline), and other road debris is important to keeping your MINI's paint, components, and accessories looking and working their best for the long term.

We recommend getting your car washed (or washing it yourself) at least once a month.

For the particularly adventurous--who are layering mud on the MINI or kicking up a lot of dust--you may need to hit the bubbles more often.

If you need more than just a quick clean, give your MINI the best: our Fast Service Lane is a local no-appointment-necessary option for basic car service and maintenance.

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