While MINI already has experience with plug-in hybrid models, a whole new best is on the horizon: an all-electric MINI. Converting a vehicle to an all-electric platform will help our environment while providing you the excitement that comes from instantaneous acceleration whenever you want it, as well as the unique styling that the electric MINI will feature. Our team at East Bay MINI wants to make sure you will be able to stay in the loop when it comes to information about the electric MINI, so feel free to ask us any questions that you might have, and we will happily share our information with you!

Updates All Around

While you can expect obvious updates to power, there are other changes that you will see in terms of style. The front fascia will be all-new with a grille that is lined with two rows of small holes and a simplified lower portion. Even the wheels show a unique design with asymmetrical rectangles that draw the attention of anyone who passes by.

You can expect to see a digital instrument cluster and a new gearshift as some updates to the interior, but many details are being kept secret when it comes to this model.

Timing Couldn't be Better For a MINI EV

Marking the sixty-year anniversary of MINI, the electric MINI is slated to release some time around November of 2019. Our experts eagerly await any new information about this model, and we will continue to share what we know with you as soon as we find out more.

In the meantime, you can feel free to schedule a test drive in any of the newest MINI models so that you can get a feel for what they are capable of, giving some hints as to what you can expect from behind the wheel of their concept models.

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