Getting the most out of your gas is a goal for every driver. Fuel-efficient driving can save you hundreds of dollars each year and prevents wear and tear on your vehicle. If you're interested in taking advantage of these benefits, read on for three fuel economy tips.

Maintain a Steady Speed: The balance of your speed plays a vital role in improving fuel economy. Vehicles that tend to dip in speed and then accelerate quickly burn more fuel, causing you to spend more than necessary. Maintaining a steady speed while driving in Pleasanton, CA will prevent this from occurring. When on the highway, consider using cruise control.

Accelerate Gently: Hard acceleration leads to more fuel being burned. Focus on gentle acceleration to preserve gas.

Gradually Slow Down: Using your brakes causes you to waste your forward momentum. Instead of slamming your foot down on the brakes, slowly take your foot off the accelerator to coast to slow down. This allows you to conserve fuel and save money.

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