Vehicle fluid leaks are one of the most common problems faced by car owners. With that in mind, it's important to identify and address them quickly before they cause serious damage to your vehicle.

One of the most common types of fluid leaks is an engine oil leak. Engine oil is used to lubricate and cool the various parts of the engine, so if it's leaking out, your vehicle won't be able to operate properly. You may notice a slick or oily spot under your car, a burning smell coming from the engine compartment, or smoke or steam coming from under the hood.

Transmission fluid leaks can also be a major source of concern. This fluid helps keep your transmission running smoothly, and any leaks can lead to reduced efficiency and performance. Look for drips coming from the area around your transmission or a burnt smell.

Coolant leaks are another common issue. Coolant is used to keep your engine running at an ideal temperature, and it can easily leak out due to a crack in the radiator or a loose hose. Anything that causes coolant to drain out of your vehicle should be addressed by our service center in Pleasanton, CA as soon as possible.

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